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Deep Drill Services

Sales & Engineering and Rentals come with assembling and installation, maintenance and repair, and testing and recertification to complete the life cycle of our OEM products. Deep Drill Services B.V. is fully dedicated to supporting our customer operations and fulfilling their requirements. 

Our certified and qualified personnel is available for on-site services, both on- and offshore. When customers want to excel in a demanding business like the drilling industry, our high quality material and 24/7 availability gives the competitive edge. But the true difference is made in the combination with our excellent service and support. Go for fast and reliable supply and service.

Whilst our standard parts, spare parts and accessories come from the shelve, our real job starts with in-house assembling and on-site installation. Our workshops are well equipped to build everything from single items to large assemblies like Manifolds, WellHeads, Riser assemblies, BOP stacks and control units from the skid up. Some of our assemblies come semi-finished from our fabrication partners, providing us both with the benefit of infrastructural and time advantages. Finally all our assemblies come to delivery with full Deep Drill quality control and certification. Only leaving the capable hands of our engineers and mechanics once fully tested and certified. When on-site installation is required, our service crew comes available for anything from minimal job guidance to complete on-site installation. We are there for you.

An optimum level of service is vital to the use and durability of the equipment. Therefore in order to maximize product life cycle, our workshop and repair facilities perform balanced maintenance sequences and repairs on all our OEM products and to other customers equipment. Together with our OEM partners and our customers we determine Quality Specific Procedures and maintain a balanced stock of spare parts. Our experienced and trained mechanics and well-equipped workshop and repair facilities enhance our customers and our own operations. We are fast and reliable.

Our close cooperation with reputable, independent and experienced inspection companies and together with our modern testing facilities enable us to offer our customer complete and reliable testing and recertification. All equipment requires testing and certification before operation: at our OEM partner and in our workshop. To prove product compliance we perform functional and pressure tests on both our OEM products and our customers products. No equipment leaves for operation without proper testing, inspection and certification. We go for total performance and safety.

We can offer the following services:

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