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Sales & Engineering

With our fabrication partners we assure our customers of high quality, fully certified and inspected materials at competitive prices. We carry out yearly audits with our key suppliers and have regular material inspections with both our own inspectors and licensed companies as Lloyd’s and SGS. We are proud of our Supply Chain Management, enabling us to be of 24/7 service to assure safe and cost effective solutions for our customers.  We go for fast and reliable supply and service.

Although we carry a wide range of proven (conventional) OEM products, we take pride in our smart product improvements and our tailor made solutions. Today’s drilling and workover operations become more complicated and demands us all to be more SMART. Deep Drill Sales B.V. engineers tooling, equipment and assemblies to optimize our customers job performance. Our 3D desk top simulations, miniature modeling and live workshop testing has prevented numerous field failures. We believe that state of the art digital simulation combined with years of operational and fabrication experience provides the best preparation. 


Wellhead Assemblies

The connection between upstream and downstream is the wellhead assembly. We make the connection from single to multiple completions, high temperature to steam and high pressure up to 15K production or injection and with the required type of cable passages and instrumentation connections. Our systems have been applied to customer satisfaction in shallow water and onshore applications for decades and come with an extensive track record. We engineer from our customers well set-up and completion to the required casing or tubing hanging support per section to maximize the production life of the well. 


Oil Country Tubular Goods

The history of Deep Drill lies within the supply of the conductor, casing, liners and tubing to build, produce or to reline the well. Together with our partner mills and processing plants we carry a complete range of standard API, premium and high torque connections to take on any challenge our customers might have onshore and offshore in mild and sour environments. In order to complete the well, we also engineer and supply the filter package, the required X-overs and other jewelry to make it fit and last. We also stock a large assortment of casing accessories as couplings, protectors, pup joints, dope and bars in order to supply any immediate demand. Please don’t forget to enquire for any other type of equipment to complete our customers well. We either engineer it, have it manufactured or supply directly from our stocks, keeping it simple.


Cement & Float Equipment

The durability and safety of the well comes from an optimum cement job. Our complete assortment of cementing equipment can handle any situation and is prepared for the cased, open hole and multi stage set-up. Rotated, pushed, floated or with a reaming function, our equipment shall get the tubulars to total depth and in optimal centralization. We stock a wide variety of shoes, collars, centralizers, stop collars, plugs and stingers and other cementing equipment for immediate demand or engineer and manufacture according to our customers special demand. We are keen to design the centralizer placement and calculate the optimum stand-off for a perfect cement job. 


Pressure Control Equipment

With an extensive track record in providing Blow Out Prevention packages for onshore and offshore applications, we carry standard API, ATEX and develop tailor made pressure control equipment. Not only  for conventional drilling or work over, we have efficient and effective systems for High Temperature High Pressure, Hydraulic Workover, Coiled Tubing, Wire Line and Plug & Abandonment operations. Our assortment includes the whole range of diverter systems, annular-, ram type- and wire line BOP’s, control units and panels, valves, chokes and manifolds, choke and kill hoses, spools, risers and adapters. Our pressure control equipment solutions are designed and manufactured under OEM license and in close cooperation with our customers. Check our smart storage & handling systems. Our pride is the exclusive XDD brand, keeping your pressure on.



We safely and efficiently connect high pressure control equipment to PED flow line equipment for standard and sour gas applications. We stock standard items to complete assemblies with storage & handling systems and prepare tailor made solutions to solids control, flaring, cementing and other special flow requirements. From fast connecting and securing unions, through straights, swivels, adapters, valves and hoses, to storing and transportation systems. 


Drill String Equipment

The drill stem is the core of any drilling operation and mandatory for a driller to reach his final target. Vertical, horizontal or directional, drill string equipment requires to endure the unforeseen again and again. Therefore our range of drill pipe and drilling tools are made with the best independent manufacturers and engineered to the highest standards available in our industry as API and NS-I. We are not limited to standard carbon, non-magnetic and sour service grades, all typical hard bandings and hard facings, coatings, standard API, slim hole, high torque and double shouldered connections but we take pride in our enhanced drilling tools. We carry range 3 drill pipe and also stock accessories like I- bop’s, kelly valves, drill pipe screens and wipers to bails and protectors. 

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